Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Power Of Prayer

Why do people bother with praying? Followers claim that "God" has his "plan". So if their requests are compatible with this cosmic purpose, then their prayers will automatically be "answered". Prayer is no use if the believer's needs/wants are not part of the agenda -- and if the believer's desires are part of the plan, then there's no need to pray.

And what if several people in the same situation are praying for conflicting results? Say the husband of a terminally ill woman is asking God for her quick death, to end her suffering; but the woman's young child is begging God not to take her mommy away, and the woman herself is asking for a miracle cure? If the intention is for the woman to die a lingering and painful death (and why would a "loving" God plan that?), then all of those prayers are a waste of time -- which the child will definitely begin learning! (Unless, of course, any church has its grip on her -- in that case, the brainwashing has already begun.)

If a deity was in the habit of frequently altering his design in favor of the millions of believers asking for such a change, he would be too easily manipulated to be "powerful". Our unfortunate family would make better use of their time by focusing on each other, rather than in useless (and humiliating) attempts to gain the attention of a god who will ignore their requests in favor of his own agenda.

So why pray? - Because prayer has the power to help the worshiper feel better emotionally... that's all. I suspect that the final result doesn't even really matter to the believer; whatever happens is "God's will", and therefore is "good". So if prayer is what makes a person feel better, then "more power to them"!

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Sunday, June 28, 2009


When I was young and being raised by my parents and family as a Christian, I used to pray to Jesus to take away my doubts and “evil thoughts”; even as a child, I felt that what they were trying to teach me – their “truth” – was nonsense.

Despite my fervent prayers (I was just a kid, and trying very hard to please my family and community, trying to be what they wanted – required – me to be), my doubts continued and increased. Jesus wasn’t helping me.

When I was old enough, I quit going to church with my family, but I continued into my adulthood with a secret fear that there was something wrong with me: there was something that enabled other people to believe that was lacking in myself, and I felt that this was an impediment. And I felt guilty for being unable to believe.

Now, finally, in the fifth decade of my life, I realize that there really is nothing wrong with me, unless thinking and asking questions are wrong. The god that I can finally admit I don’t believe in has ignored me all of my life, and it is not I who am unworthy – it is the god of the bible who is unworthy of my belief and worship.

My family had the best of intentions, I’m sure, raising me in their religion – they were doing what they had been trained to believe was right – but I am proud to say that I am the first one in my family to break the habit of generations; I have raised my children without religion… And they are good kids!

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Is What Happens When You Think For Yourself....

... And not what those people talking on the radio want you to think...

(first published on MySpace - July 2008)

1. I believe that we humans are this planet's parasites. The farther we advance, the more destruction and waste we leave behind us.

2. I think that the invention of the Mute button is right up there with the New Testament miracles.

3. The coldest I've ever been here is -15° (that's below zero!); and the hottest I've ever been here is 108°. That's a range of 123 degrees -- and 1-23 is my son's birthday -- Whoa! Some heavy ship, man! (Remember, I'm not listening to the "voices" who tell me what to think...) {Maybe I should...}

4. What's up with the Mormons lately? They've got this big advertising blitz going on here in Metro Reno; they're chasing after new followers -- maybe their church is running out of money....

5. The older I get, the more I appreciate the concept of ancestor worship.

6. We diss everything, and sometimes I offend Myself. But then We forgive each other, because - you know - We have to live together in Spider's Mind. I and Myself get along okay most of the time, but Me - well, it's just all about Her...

7. Who is my own worst enemy? I am. And who is my own best friend? Myself. And that leaves Me, all alone out there, hopping around and shouting "Me! Me! Me!" -- God, she's so annoying...

8. {The object of this Game is to determine which of these cogitations are True, and which ones are Bullshit -- their only purpose being to amuse Me.... and which ones are, perhaps alarmingly, somewhere on the line between

9. I would rather be self-directed and led by my own mind and heart, than be a slave to ancient writings and a flock-of-sheep mentality. (This one's easy - True.)

10. If you're going to call yourself "pro-life", then I think you should be looking at the bigger picture here; stop concerning yourself with "women's sin", and start protecting the holder of all life -- Planet Earth.

11. I believe that sperm is a form of human life -- have you ever seen video of those little "tadpoles" swimming around?; they sure look alive to me -- and that male masturbation is an evil equal to female abortion. Both actions destroy a chance at life for a human cell or group of cells, simply for the convenience or selfish pleasure of the parent. If it is wrong to deny a fertilized egg a chance for life, then it is also wrong to deny the same for a living sperm.

12. As a sometimes practicing Witch, I find it extremely offensive when people (usually Christians, who don't want to use any "bad words") substitute the word "witch" for "bitch". I think turnabout is fair play, so the next time I don't want to say "bitch", I might say "Christian" instead. "God, I can't stand that woman; she is such a Christian!" Yep, sounds good to me!

13. I have been caught talking to Myself a couple of times at work, and was teased about it. I simply explained that I am the only one who really listens to Me and respects what I have to say.

14. I don't like it when black folks insist that they be referred to as "African-American", but think nothing of talking about "white" people. There are Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native Americans... Whoopi Goldberg, on The View, even spoke about her "African-American-berry", and then in the next sentence said something about "white people". Now, Whoopi, you know I love you, but I am not "white" - I am European-American!

I believe that religion, like sex, is a very personal behavior, for people old enough to make their own decisions, and neither one should be practiced in any public place or venue, and especially not around impressionable young children.

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