Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Moral High Road?

I have to question the righteousness of churchgoers who accept the notion that it's okay for someone else to pay the price for their own offenses. My morality requires me to take personal responsibility for my actions, and to suffer the consequences myself. This is how I learn to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. How will anyone learn from their errors if it's acceptable that another individual is punished in their place? Using a "personal savior", to me, would be immoral; just as, in the old days of slavery, the Master's children had their "whipping boys" to take their lashes.

Now, before you say it - "hell" is a fantasy, not a consequence. I further claim that I cannot be a "sinner", because I am not a Christian. Sin belongs to those who believe in it. (This is not to say that I cannot do wrong; far from it! But if I do harm, I must seek forgiveness from the people who were hurt, not from a third party like Christ.)

And what heinous atrocities are Christians committing, anyway, that require A DEATH to atone for them? In our society, only the most horrible of crimes merit a death penalty. So I am forced to ask: Are Christians as "good" as they claim they are??

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