Thursday, July 23, 2009

Private vs. Government Health Care

If my health insurance company is worried that I, and millions of other users of private, for-profit health coverage plans, may dump them in favor of a government program -- they should be! -- because I would drop them in a heartbeat if there were something better out there. So instead of lobbying Congress to stall the President's health insurance plan, maybe they should be working on ideas for providing a better product to their customers so that they can compete with a government program.

Oh, wait -- that would mean actually working for their customers, and possibly even having to give up this year's new Mercedes because of lower profits. God forbid the insurance executives should have to drive last year's car!

And what is the difference between a "government bureaucrat" deciding on a patient's health care treatment, or an "insurance executive" making the same decision? The bureaucrat and the executive are the same person, just with different titles on their name tags. The difference would be that, hopefully, the denial by a government employee of a request for patient benefits would be for real medical reasons, and not because it would move that employee any closer to owning a yacht, or a collection of $1000 designer shoes and handbags.

Furthermore, I believe people who go to medical school to "get rich", acquire power, or retire early are there for the wrong reasons. Their motivation should be, like that of teachers, a desire to help and benefit their communities. Removing the huge profits from the health care system might just make room for fairness for everybody.

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